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How to Buy your Inn
Buy your perfect Inn - Innsider tips
From our "Innkeeping from the Innside" Seminar
Get educated. Take a weekend or one-on-one Innkeeping seminar that gives you the tools to find your Inn: property valuation, location analysis, build/buy pros and cons, Inn business planning and the Inn business purchasing process, as well as complete day to day operations.
Talk to successful innkeepers, stay at Inns, do an Inn internship. Take courses related to owning and operating a small business. We can help you find the best of these.
Be a serious buyer by being financially liquid and having a timeline for your purchase. Having your down payment in hand is a critical step to success with sellers and with lenders.
Create your "Fantasy" board of directors. Surround yourself with the expert professionals you need to make it happen including lenders/loan guarantors, attorney, accountant, inspectors, licensing authorities. A knowledgeable commercial Inn broker will be your source for all of these professionals and more.
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